4 X Tastier Than Normal Pigs!! JAPAN’S BEST PORK – Kagoshima Kurobuta!!

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KAGOSHIMA, JAPAN – Welcome to Kagoshima, a prefecture in the Kyushu Island of Japan that’s that’s synonymous with Kagoshima kurobuta – Japan’s premium and most delicious pork – this is the place to eat pork in Japan! Today we’re going on a kurobuta pork food tour, we’ll be eating fried tonkatsu, flash boiled shabu shabu, and an izakaya to end – that’s the plan, get ready for some life changing pork.

4 times tastier than normal pork – I read an article where they actually said Kagoshima kurobuta pigs were 4 times tastier than normal pigs – scientifically proven with their amino acids and makeup. I’m not sure how proven this is, but after tasting it, especially the shabu shabu, I have no reason to think otherwise.

Restaurant 1: Kurobuta: https://goo.gl/maps/6AvMaEq2dFDyHEgN9 – We first headed to Kurobuta restaurant to eat tonkatsu, or a fried pork cutlet, one of Japan’s most famous pork dishes. They had a regular and a black charcoal bread crumb version. Both were excellent and the pork was so juicy and flavorful.
Total price – 6,300 JPY for both tonkatsu

Restaurant 2: Shabu Shabu Ichiniisan: https://goo.gl/maps/81r77uiF8gzATNTy9
This was the greatest taste of kurobuta pork possible – shabu shabu – where nothing is covering up the natural taste of the pork. The pork was sliced extremely thin and gently blanched in soba noodle water before being dunked in a very pleasant sauce filled with leeks. It was the highlight of the day.
Total price – 7,300 JPY for everything

Scene 4: Izakaya Tsuwabuki: https://goo.gl/maps/RNhuicGmuxh94AXY7
Finally to complete this Kagoshima pork tour we went to an evening izakaya to try a few more kurobuta pork dishes and a few drinks. It was a fantastic day of kurobuta pork in Kagoshima!
Total price – 5,600 JPY



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