4 flavor Ballon Cheesecake Tart.

Hello, I’m Joconde.

Do you know Cafe Glaciel in Le Tao, famous for its cheesecake?
There is a dessert called ‘ballon de fruite’.
This is a pretty tart decorated like a balloon by scooping fruit sorbet.
This video was made to imitate that appearance. The recipe was made by me.
The cream cheese cream is colored using raspberry, blueberry, mango puree and matcha tea.
I am satisfied with that it came out beautifully.

Due to the lengthy production process, some processes that were repeatedly repeated in the previous video were omitted.
The recipe and reference video link are all written down below. please note.


Please enjoy the video and try it.
Thank you always.


♥︎ Puree
300g Raspberry + 60g sugar (if want, add 10-12g lemon juice)
300g Blueberry + 45g Sugar (” )
300g Mango + 45g sugar (” )

♥︎ Matcha mixture
1g Matcha
3g sugar
10g warm heavy cream

♥︎ Puree Cream Balls
60g cream cheese
24g sugar
60g yogurt
2g vanilla extract
3g gelatin (or gelatin mass 21g / Reference video https://youtu.be/5nvKbb3JyTU 14:16))
80g heavy cream
15g raspberry puree
8g blueberry puree
18g mango puree
14 g matcha mixture

♥︎ Tart Paper (Reference video https://youtu.be/_zRrus0D3Ig 3:43)

40 g butter
25g sugar
0.5g salt
25g eggs
100g cake flour

♥︎ Almond Peeling
27g butter
28g sugar
28g eggs
2g vanilla extract
28 almond flour
13g cake flour
15g chopped walnuts

♥︎ Cream filling
160g cream cheese
30g hot heavy cream
80g cold heavy cream
24g sugar
4g vanilla extract
2.5g Gelatin (or 17g gelatin mass / Reference video https://youtu.be/5nvKbb3JyTU 14:16))

♥︎ Matcha Genoise 12cm (Genoise reference video https://youtu.be/z40HB9k_Zlk 2:35)

40g cake flour
3g matcha powder
90g eggs
90g sugar
22g milk
18g butter
2g vanilla extract

  • I used a 10cm-diameter sheet by cutting the edge of Genoise.

♥︎ Sugar syrup
60g water
20g sugar

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