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We;re 3 simply seasonal meal ideas with This juicy, ripe, tomatoe – one of my favorite things about summer.

A tomato sandwich is a summer icon, simple yet so delicious. I’m gonna start with our bread – I’m using a country bread here that’s nice and crusty and could stand up to the juiciness of the tomato.It’s sweet, flavorful, and can go into almost every meal. So thats what this series is about, making simple meal using one ingredient.
Stick it in my toaster and once it’s done, we’ll llather it up with mayo. Now I’m gonna slice up a really good soft and ripe heirloom tomato. There’s so many different varieties at the market; I usually just pick out a cool pretty looking one. Could be red, could be yellow, depends on my mood. They all taste good. Cut it into thickkkkk slices. Season it with some salt and pepper and make a sandwich with your bread. Yes, there’s all there is too it. It’s the perfect hot summer food when you’re too lazy to cook but want something filling. But if this seems TOO simple for you, cook up some bacon and throw in a piece of lettuce, then you have yourself a BLT that’s super scrumptious too.

Lunch is taken care of with that so how bout a little dinner inspiration with these gorgeous cherry tomatoes? I’ll actually use both cherry and a regular tomato here to make fresh pasta in a pomodoro sauce. We’ll slice up a good amount of cherry tomatoes here, about 2 cups and 1 large tomato, chopped into similar size. To bring out the flavors of our tomatoes, we’ll add sliced garlic and shallots. Now to cook it, we’re going to add ¼ cup of olive oil and then fry up our shallots and garlic just until they turn golden, then quickly add in the tomatoes. The tomatoes, a pinch of salt, and i like to add a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar with a sprig of fresh thyme to brighten the sauce up just a smidge. Let it break down and simmer for 10 minutes, while we boil our fresh pasta. Of course dried can always be used but fresh pasta just elevates this simple meal and makes it extra delicious. Boil it for a few minutes, it goes fast, then immediately add the pasta into the sauce with a little bit of pasta water and let it simmer together for another minute. Tear in your fresh basil, give it a mix, and serve it with a generous helping of parmesan cheese on top. A simple tomato pasta with a nice glass of wine never tasted so good. Cheers!


But wait, how bout a tomato centric summer salad? I’ll show you my favorite, the caprese salad but with a little bit of a twist. I’m using the reddest tomato I could find, slicing it up, and pairing it with a peach. Yes, another summer favorite – let me know in the comments if you want to see me show how to use peaches, or another ingredient, 3 ways. I saw this hack on tiktok where they pit a peach with food tongs. Let’s try it… whoaaaa cool, this makes it so much easier to slice! Okay so we’ll slice up our peaches the same we we did the tomatoes and now lets assemble the salad. On a platter or plate, alternate the peaches with the tomatoes, then we’ll take either fresh mozzarella or burrata – i loooove burrata, it’s mozzarella with a creamy center, just break it up a bit so it can oooooze onto each piece of tomato and peach, we’ll tear up some prosciutto and randomly place them on the plate scrunched up a bit, then we need basil – again place them all around randomly too… he summer peach and tomatoes are already so sweet you don’t need much to flavor it up. Just a hit of salt and pepper on the burrata, then a drizzle of olive oil and if you want, use good aged balsamic vinegar thats a bit syrupy and drizzle some on. You get the sweetness of the summer fruits – tomatoes are actually a fruit, the creaminess of the burrata, and saltiness you get form the prosciutto. Everything comes together beautifully in this fresh summer salad.

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