27 CALORIE COOKIES AND CREAM DESSERT- Low calorie oreo dessert recipe

I created this low calorie dessert recipe with the oreos I made in my previous video and whipped topping. Low fat whipped topping is easily available at the grocery stores and can be super handy when it comes to making desserts with less calories.
🌸 Ingredients
Low calorie oreos: 4 double or 7-8 single cookies
Here’s the recipe:


Low fat whipped topping: 4 tablespoons (20 grams)
Sweetener: As required or 2 tablespoons (30 grams)
Vanilla essence (optional)

🌸Low fat whipped topping brands
1. Cool whip
2. Reddi whipe
Or you can just whip some heavy cream. A tablespoon of whipped cream has quite less calories.


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