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2 low calorie pudding recipes- Low calorie desserts

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2 low calorie pudding recipes- Low calorie desserts

I created these low calorie pudding recipes that you have as your low calorie desserts or low calorie snacks. I showed two different flavours in the video. The chocolate one has roughly 17 calories per shot whereas the vanilla one has roughly 15 calories.

🌸Recipe 1
I’ve created this rich, creamy chocolate pudding that is a super low calorie dessert and you can have 3 of these in a go if not more 🤭

Calorie breakdown:
Low fat almond milk: 30 calories
Hershey’s cocoa powder(unsweetened): 10 calories
Corn flour: 10 calories
Truvia or zero calorie sugar: 0

Total calories= 50
I divided it into three shots therefore each is about 16 calories only!

Add a tablespoon of cornflour if you want the texture to be thicker than this.
If you don’t want to use low fat almond milk, by all means use any other low fat milk or even whole milk if you wish.

🌸Recipe 2
Low fat almond milk/low fat milk: 1 cup
Zero calorie sugar: 2 tbsp
Vanilla essence: 1/2 tsp
Corn flour: 1 tbsp (make a slurry if you want a thicker pudding)

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