2 Healthy Weight Loss Jowar Paratha in 15 Mins | Healthy Masala Jowar Thepla – Diabetic Friendly

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Jowar paratha recipe | Healthy Jowar Thepla | Sorghum flour paratha with detailed photo and video recipe. Basically an healthy and filling masala roti or bread recipe made with Sorgham flour & methi leaves. It can be an ideal tasty alternative to the besan or chickpea flour based thepla and can be easily served to diabetic or any health concern people. This roti is loaded with all the spices and herbs in it and hence may not require any sides, but any spicy curry or raita should be good.


jowar paratha recipe | Healthy Jowar Thepla | Sorgham flour paratha with step by step photo and video recipe. Wheat and plain flour based bread or roti recipes are very common across India for its easy preparation and digestion reasons. Yet we look for other better and healthy alternatives as we may develop medical complications. One such easy and healthy alternative roti recipe prepared with sorghum flour is the jowar paratha or thepla known for its taste and filling properties.


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