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Professional Chef-instructor Frank Proto from The Institute Of Culinary Education demonstrates 16 ways to peel, chop, smash, grate, and slice garlic like a pro. From fine slices to grating on a microplane, Frank explains how preparing the garlic for your recipe directly impacts its intensity in the dish – and how to understand which one is best for every situation.

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0:00 Introduction
0:18 About Garlic
0:53 Chapter 1 – Peeling
1:16 Hands
1:28 Paring Knife
1:51 Two-Bowl Method
2:23 Jar Method
3:04 Chapter 2 – Cutting
3:21 Whole Cloves
3:41 Crushed
4:10 Sliced
4:26 Mandoline
4:48 Razor Blade
5:18 Rough Chopped
5:49 Minced
6:33 Grated
7:28 Garlic Press
7:54 Pre-Chopped
8:24 Roasted
9:21 BONUS Rolling Garlic Chopper

Editor – Manolo Moreno, Andy Morell
Producer – Ness Kleino
Director – Chris Principe
Associate Producer – Michael Cascio
DP – Brad Wickham
Cam Op – Paige Wollensak
Sound Mixer – Rachel Suffian
Culinary Producer – Mallary Santucci
Associate Culinary Producer – Jackie Beal
Production Assistant: Brandon Guillebeaux
Post Production Supervisor: Stephanie Cardone
Associate Director, Post Production: Nicole Berg

Epicurious Video Team
Jonathan Wise
Ali Inglese 
Dan Siegel 
Rhoda Boone 
Carolyn Gagnon 
June Kim
Holly Patton 
Myra Rivera
Billy Keenly

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16 Ways To Peel & Cut Garlic Like A Professional | Epicurious

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