13 Things You Should Never Order From A Seafood Restaurant

13 Things You Should Never Order From A Seafood Restaurant

For those looking for a healthy substitute to red meat, fish is an option that’s both heart healthy and full of Omega-3s. It’s also incredibly versatile — you can travel around the world on a single plate. With so many varieties under the sea, there’s no chance of getting bored with your meal.

But there are hidden dangers. Overfishing threatens numerous fish populations, while poor fishing practices are linked to higher water pollution. So what’s a responsible diner to do? You don’t have to wave goodbye to your favorite fish dishes, but you should be aware which ones might have a harmful effect on the environment. Here are 13 things you should never order from a seafood restaurant.


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Fried calamari | 0:00
Bluefin tuna | 1:31
Snapper | 2:42
Endangered eels | 3:47
Don’t order the special | 5:05
King mackerel | 6:00
Shark | 6:53
Tilefish | 7:47
Imported catfish | 8:48
Tough tilapia | 9:48
White tuna | 10:43
Tempura | 11:56
Atlantic sturgeon | 12:42

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