10 Things You Should Never Order From A Barbecue Restaurant

10 Things You Should Never Order From A Barbecue Restaurant

Few things are as quintessentially American as good ol’ barbecue. The low and slow process of cooking various meats has been around in the States for centuries, although there are only a few regions that are truly known for doing it well. If you’re lucky enough to get to experience real barbecue, there isn’t a lot that beats that moment when you sit down at your favorite joint.

But believe it or not, not everything on that barbecue menu is a fantastic choice, and there are a number of ways you can go wrong when ordering. From canned veggies to less than stellar hamburgers, these are the 10 things you should never order from a barbecue restaurant.

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Fusion barbecue | 0:00
End of the day meat | 1:18
Shaped meats | 2:31
Barbecue sauce (in Texas) | 3:36
The wrong regional specialty | 4:41
Freebies | 5:37
Heavy sides | 6:43
Vegetables | 7:42
Hamburgers | 8:55
Pre-sliced meat | 9:40

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