10 Mail-Order Steaks Ranked From Worst To Best

The only actually "bad" mail-order steak is the one that never actually gets to you. Steak is steak. It’s going to be pretty good, as long as it’s fresh and up to a decent quality standard. And all the companies we’ve selected for this list definitely meet that standard. None of them are bad, really.


That said, some of them do a better job than others. Maybe the prices are just a little too steep or the distance your order has to travel is a little too far. Or, worst of all, the steaks are sold out. With those factors in mind, here are several mail-order steak companies, ranked from worst to best.


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Harry & David | 0:00
Omaha Steaks | 0:57
Holy Grail Steak | 1:56
E3 Ranch & Co. | 2:51
Porter Road | 3:28
Good Ranchers | 4:08
KC Cattle Co. | 4:30
Mr. Steak | 5:09
Snake River Farms | 5:41

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